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Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday oct 20th

In today's class we continued learning about subtitutions. We learned that it's possible to cancel out a varible, even when it has a coeificent. example:
L1: 5x-3y=-5
L2: 3x+2y=4
(these equations can be solved)


1. we need to find a common multipule between ether the y-values or the x-values. example:
example: (common y-value between 3 and 2 is 6)

2. then we need to subtitute 6 into both L1 and L2 values.

3. After that we can cancel out the y-variable and solve for x.
19x=2, so x=2/19

4. then substitute 2/19 for x into one of the equations. and solve for y.

5. so in conclusion the answer is: (x=2/19) and (y=35/19)

Monday's scribe is Marty.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19-It's Krunch Time it's finally my turn to be blogging. Yours truly, the king of all cereals, "CAPT KRUNCH!" and NO! my cereal does not cut the roof of your mouth. If it does, then you just have issues.

Anways, today we learned a few things and worked on some stuff. We did our 15th Mental Math Quiz and if you weren't here for that, don't cry because there are another 80 some you can still do. Since a few people were missing today, Mr. Max postponed learning about the folowing(they are all the same thing, but with different names).:
Linear Combination
Elimination Method
Add It On/Substraction Method
Since we postponed these options, Mr. Max decided to give us an Accelerated Math Day to catch up on those practices that have been bumming around your binder since September. Also, we decided that our next Accelerated Math Test will be next Tuesday, which is the 24th, I think.

Sadly I had to get rid of that sweet Calvin and Hobbes comic because Bill Watterson is a very stubborn man after I checked up on his comic strip licensing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oct 19 scribe chris

Well i am glad i was picked for the scribe today because the only thing we did was the homework check question which was faulty so now it is due tommorow and otherwise from all that we just worked on accelerated math and we didn't even do mental math .

October 18 Scribe Jordan

Well hello kids. Today was the day that i was regretting since the start of the year. Some how I evaded being the scribe this whole time until now. O well, today at the start of class Mr. Max did a homework check on the football question that was on the blog. When he finished that we went over again how to do substitution using linear equations. He told us these 5 steps to solve these types of problems.

Step 1: Pick a variable

Step 2: Isolate that variable(solve for it)

Step 3: Into the other equation substitute the rest of the expressionwhere the variable has not been solved

Step 4: Solve new single variable equation

Step 5: Substitute value in other variable

Step 6: Write your answer as an ordered pair

Step 7: Check

At the end of class Mr. Max gave us the chance to do another football question to get the homework marks for yesterday's class. The question was...

20000 goal line seats
5000 endzone seats
endzone seats are $5 cheaper than goal line seats
All seats sold is $35000
How many?

Tomarrows scribe is Chris

Monday, October 16, 2006

wat we learned october 16

We learned the definition of System of Linear Equations.
The definition is: a system of equations is simply referring to more than 1 equation at a time, for the purpose of solving more than 1 problem.
We also learnd the possibilities whne u graph 2 lines.
1. the lines intersect
2. They become paralelle
3.super imposed (go right over top of each other)

We also learned and algebraic solution on how to find where the 2 lines intersect with out using technology. Mr. Max used the concept of saying that if circle equals triangle amd if circle equals square then triangle equals square.
ex: y=x
Which will become:
So that's what we learned today.