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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oct.12 Scribe (aaron)

Today ( Oct.12th ) we did:
  1. -Mental Math Number 13
  2. -We got practices, exersices, and top reports back,
  3. -And, we worked on Accelerated Math
  1. -Accelerated Math test tommorrow ( oct.13th )
  2. -Have to make up 10 mental math questions ( not sure when thats due )
  3. -Accelerated Math
Other Stuff
  1. -We got a printer, so we can scan Exercises, and Practices, DO NOT scan Tests

Thats pretty much covers it...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

football awnser

Solution to the Creative Solutions Blog

What I did was i entered 2 equations into graphmatica:
After i entered these 2 equations in, the number of tickets sold for $35 was the y coordinate and the number of tickets for $20 was the x coordinate. These 2 coordinates were the ordered pairs where the 2 lines intersected.
The first equation (35y+20x=940000) was for the total revenue. Y was the variable for the number of people that bought the $35 tickets and x was the variable for the number of people that bought the $20 tickets.
The second equation (x+y=36500) was for the number of people at the game. So i knew that the ordered pairs where the 2 lines intersected would be the number of people who bought each ticket (y for the $35 and x for the $20) because it just worked out that way.

our answer is...

We used a trial and error method. Im sorry that this is the best we could come up with, we tried and couldnt get it, so this is what we resorted to.

The formula for the cost was =(20*C2)+(35*D2)

The formula for the total people was =C2+D2

The formula for people with $35 tickets is =36500-C2

In the people with $20 ticket column we put in our estimates until the answer in the cost column equaled $940 000.

From Alyssa Chelsea Kaitlin Stephanie and Kiersten

Football Question

$35 tickets - 14000
$20 tickets - 22500

I found this by making an equation and setting it equal to the total revenue.After that I solved for x.
$940,000=35(number of $35 tickets) + 20(number of $20 tickets)
(x)-being the total number of 35 dollar tickets
(36500-x) being the total number of 20 dollar tickets

Jaimi's Scribe

On Oct.11 in math class we had the choice of going to watch the soccer game or stay in class....and work.


What's the score

A rather dim fan arrives at a soccer match midway through the second half.

"What's the score?" he asks his friend as he settles into his seat.

"Nil-nil," comes the reply.

"And what was the score at half-time?" he asks.

Ticket Question

There will be 14000 tickets sold at the price of $35, and there will be 22500 tickets sold at the price of $20. I got these answers by using exel.

$35 tickets Profit $20 tickets Profit Total
1 $35 1 $20 $55
2 $70 2 $40 $110
3 $105 3 $60 $165
And then eventually I got This Answer..........
14000 $490,000 22500 $450,000 $940,000

hey everybody. today in class we worked on "creative solutions". mr max gave us a question and we got into groups and had to solve it using different methods,ex. spreadsheet, calculator, or even just paper and pencil.He told us to put up our own post showing how we solved the question.
that's basically all we did so here are some math jokes to brighten up your day. :D
since halloween is comin up:
Q: What do you get if you divide the cirucmference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
A : Pumpkin Pi

here's some ones that'll just plain crack you up!!
Q: What does the zero say to the the eight?
A: Nice belt!

Q: Do you already know the latest stats joke?
A: Probably...

Q: What shape is your parrot in when it is stolen?
A: A polly gone

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Aaron Tickets Question


this picture is
the final product
of the work i
did to find out
the answer to
that question

basically .... i just made 5 columns ...
# of $35 tickets sold, profit of $35 tickets, # of $20 tickets sold, profit of $20, Total (profits)

i started at
..........1.................................. 35....................... 36499.................. 729980............. 730015
and eventually

***i had to delete alot of rows out because it was way to long ( A 14002 )


First we wanted to find out what Systems of Linear Equations actually was. So we went to google and searched it. We went to the third link which was, Systems of Linear Equations: Solving by Substitution. It told us to make two equations out of the information we knew and solve for one of the variables ( x or y) using either of the equations. It looked like this:

our two equations were:
35x + 2oy= 940000 (X and Y being the number of people who bought the tickets)

We sloved for Y using the second equation
x+y=36500 (although it doesnt really matter what equation you use)

Now that we know what y equals we plugged it into the first equation and solved for x:
-730000 -730000
Now that we know x, we can solve for y:
-14000 -14000

So in the end there was 14000 tickets that were worth $35, and 22500 tickets that were worth $20.

Becky and Cindy Lou

Creative solutions

As I just said in class, we don't use creativity often enough to solve 'typical' unit problems. Take a few minutes with the people in your group, and discuss electronically (either as comments or separate posts), the solution to a problem like this.....use any resources that you can find.

Record, in detail, your 'thought' process in solving this problem...Have fun!

"A playoff football game draws 36 500 fans. Depending on where their seats were, the ticket prices for the game were $35 or $20. The home
team realized ticket revenue of $940 000 for the game. How many of
each type of ticket were sold?"

Friday October the 6th

Ok so on Friday in math we had a test. For those of you that studied, good for you. Umm, not a whole lot to say but just a reminder that we will be having an accelerated test probably this coming week so if you've been lazy then get your butt in gear cuz he will raise the thing on edline and your mark will go waaaaaay down, trust me, i know this. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Tuesdays scribe will be.....Cindy Lou!