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Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19-It's Krunch Time it's finally my turn to be blogging. Yours truly, the king of all cereals, "CAPT KRUNCH!" and NO! my cereal does not cut the roof of your mouth. If it does, then you just have issues.

Anways, today we learned a few things and worked on some stuff. We did our 15th Mental Math Quiz and if you weren't here for that, don't cry because there are another 80 some you can still do. Since a few people were missing today, Mr. Max postponed learning about the folowing(they are all the same thing, but with different names).:
Linear Combination
Elimination Method
Add It On/Substraction Method
Since we postponed these options, Mr. Max decided to give us an Accelerated Math Day to catch up on those practices that have been bumming around your binder since September. Also, we decided that our next Accelerated Math Test will be next Tuesday, which is the 24th, I think.

Sadly I had to get rid of that sweet Calvin and Hobbes comic because Bill Watterson is a very stubborn man after I checked up on his comic strip licensing.


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