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Friday, December 01, 2006

kaitlins post

This is Kaitlin, my thing isn't working right now so I am just going to use Alyssa's.

Today all we did was an accelerated math test and once you were done that you were supposed to either do your wiki project or work on other accelerated math work. Thats pretty much all we did.


You must have a start on the wiki project by monday.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Nov. 30/06

Okay so today we did mental math (number 23), we also heard about Max's big story (He sneezed, heard a squishy noise and fell over). Just to recap the past 2 days...they were both snow days, so if you showed up it was just a work period.


Graphing 2D Inequality (the hard way)(in 2 dimensions)

>How do I graph something like this?
step 1: think of corresponding equation
step 2:solve for y
step 3:find slope and y intercept
m=-2/3 b=+2
step 4:graph corresponding line
step 5:which way to shade--TEST A POINT!(If posible choose orgin as a test point)
REMEMBER: original inequality....2x+3y>6
-- so shade away from the orgin--
step 6:what kind of line (dotted or solid line)
We used a dotter line since it was greater or less than
I tried to put a picture of the graph but it wouldnt load

We decided in class today we are having a accelerated math test tomorrow
*Reminder to get your wiki picked if not done already...DONT put your last name....when doing wiki projects use spellcheck
Thats it for my post for today.....kiersten

Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27th/2006

Today in math we had a substitute, and were left with an assignment. The assignment was to do page D-6, 1 to 12 from the booklet we got the other day. It's due tomorrow, and I assume it will be for marks... And well I guess that's all we did, I also think the accelerated math test should be soon, since we missed it for Freshie Day.
That's all, and the scribe for tomorrow I guess will be Kaitlin.

monday Nov 20th

Today we had a catch up period to catch up on Accelerated Math and other work... whatever that might be.
We were supposed to have an accelerated math test on Thursday but, since we got to watch the freshies stick their faces in cake(or was it?)...all for just a $5 certificate for none other but the school cafeteria....,it's postponed till monday....BUT since i can see in the future and have a slight feeling that our teacher may not be here on monday, im assuming that the test will be the next day mr. max decides to show up.
Also, just a reminder that our first wiki project is due at the end of november.