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Thursday, October 05, 2006


For the first couple minutes of class we did Mental Math. After we got that done and corrected we moved onto reviewing for our test on Non-Linear Functions for tomorrow. Make sure that you make a formula sheet 8 by 11 on one side.

Some things you should study are:
1. Quadratric Function

ex) Standard Form y=ax^2 + bx+ c

and Factored Form y-k= a(x-h)^2

2. Cubic Functions

Note: Theres only a relative Max and Min not absolute

3. Exponential Functions
y= a*b^x
a: Y-intercept
b: how quick or slow the curve rises

*Don't forget to study Domain and Range

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

october 4

Today in math class we just had a work period. We worked on accelerated math all block. We didn't have mental math....whoo!! So we didn't do much so there isn't much to blog about. Max said we'd start mental math soon, and we still have to decide when the next accelerated test is gonna be.


A woman in a bar tries to pick up a mathematician. "How old, do you think, I am?" she asks coyly. "Well - 18 by that fire in your eyes, 19 by that glow on your cheeks, 20 by that radiance of your face, and adding that up is something you can probably do for yourself..."

Thats it for my post...thanks

*Math test on Friday
*Accelerated math tests are coming up so get scanning
*If you haven't already GET YOUR BLOGGER ACCOUNT!

*links* Here's some links I think you might wanna check out

Oct. 3. marysa's blog

We did our last mental math of that page. Not the last mental math ever tho... We get new sheets one day hopefully he'll forget and then we can have a break for a bit!

We corrected "number" E in Exercise 3. We still didn't actually finish that question because we ran out of time... Showed us 3 ways to do things: Spreadsheet, graph, or an equation.

We have a math test on Friday and then we still have to decide when our Accelerated math test is going to be held.


Thanks for reading my blog it's not as good as other people's but i tried and it is wat it is! So i'll end off with a problem you can try .. they call it a joke.. i don't think it is because it was hard to figure it out!! it still is confusing :P

How old were they ?

Two students-mathematicians, having birthdays on the same day, wished each other many happy returns on this day.

One of them said: You’ll have such birthday only in 11 years.
The other answered him: Okay, but you’ll have such birthday only in 96 years.
Both of them were satisfied with each other. How old were they on this day ?

S o l u t i o n.
One of them was 25, and other 24. Because...
25=5^2, the next square is 6^2=36, EX. in 11 years
24= 4 , the next factorial is 5 = 120 EX. in 96 years

ok i have to get a joke so here's one that i found but i dunno if you'll even like it or not but at least you won't have to figure this out!! ha

Q: How does one insult a mathematician?
A: You say: "Your brain is smaller than any >0!"

Well thanks again hope you liked it a lil' !

Monday, October 02, 2006

October 2nd 2006 Steph's Blog

Alright, well today in class we did basically nothing, So I'm going to take advantage of all the colors and things I can do.
Anyways I would like to congratulate Mr. Max on his new baby boy, as I have not done so yet. Congrats
Well what we did do today was our 9th mental math quiz...Yay almost done...So marks for mental math will be entered soon...But many more to come. And thanks to the checkers question I got my first %100..Woo.! Rocking Happy
Also since Mr. Max got distracted, we Did Not correct exercise 3, letter E. Although I assume we will do so tomorrow or another day, so if it was not completed, you now have an extra day, or 2.

Also a few reminders:

  • Math test to study for...
  • All computer programs should be up and running.
  • To reach excel go to All programs-->Microsoft office--> Then Excel Do Not go to the Network.
  • Computers 11 and 16 are having troubles.
  • Practice attempts should be on average 91 attempts.
  • Sign up for you very own blog at

Well that's all I guess... I hope I did ok... and ThankyouBackpack

Ps.. I'd also like to add these websites you should see if you haven't already...