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Friday, December 08, 2006

Look Familiar?
Isn't that cute.... they're skype-ing!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7 Homework Question

A small company manufactures chairs and footstools. Each chair requires 7 feet of lumber and every footstool requires 3 feet. A chair takes 8 hours to make, and a stool takes 2 hours to make. Profit for chairs is $30.00, and footstools yield $10.00 in profit. If 420 feet of lumber and 400 labour hours are available, how many of each type should be built to maximize profit???

Reel Good Skool Learnin'

So I guess I volunteered to be the scribe for yesterday. Cute. So anyway he taught us some stuff on some stuff. Linear Programming. We learned the turtle rabbit question.

A pet store farmer has turtles and rabbits. He only has room for 100 pets. He can sell the cute little turtles for $10 and the fuzzy little rabbits for $30. He decides that it must be important for him to ear $1500 to make pet farming worth while. Give him financial advice.

Well there a few steps that we apparently are supposed to follow.

1. Create inequalities that represent the situation.
2. Fine "critical values".... the "ooo, happy place"
3. Draw conclusions.

We still need to identity what our variable are going to represent.

Let x= number of turtles to be farmed
Let y= number of rabbits to be farmed

L1: x+y<= 100
you use the <= because it does not say that he needs exactly 100 animals.
L2: 10x+30y>= 1500
once again you used the >= because it does not say he needs to make only $1500.

It you type those into graphmatica we get the critical points of (0,100), (0,50), (75,25).

If we told the farmer to sell 100 rabbits, he could make a profit of $3000. If we told him to sell only 50 rabbits, he could make a profit of $1500. If we told him to sell 75 turtles and 25 rabbits, he would make a profit of $1500.

The obvious conclusion here is to tell the pet farmer to sell 100 rabbits because he will make the most profit. But just because he is so good with words, I will post Mr. Maksymchuk's conclusion.

" :. tell the farmer to dump is turtle operation, farm rabbits exclusively, and retire early."


Those poor old turtles...tear. So thats what we learned yesterday and then we had like 10 minutes or something to work on accelerated math or in mine and Kaitlin's case, chillax until class is over.


Sometime Mr. Maks is planning on have another test before christmas. Who knows if that will really happen but we should all start listening in class in case he decides it.

Also the Wiki is waiting for you. I don't know who has done what but I think if you didn't start yet, you should. I guess we have to do two questions so, get on it.

Well thats about it that I can think of for today so Aarron can scribe for todays exciting lesson.

Ok, later.


December 7th Post Aaron

1.)we did mental math 25

2.) we reviewed our homework.
A store stocks Muchies and Crispios. The selving can hold 240 bags total. Munchies outsell Crispios 3:1. Profit on Munchies is $1.50 while profit on Crispios is $2.00 per bag.

Let x= number of Munchies
Let y= number of Crispios


A.) x+y<=240 B.) x=3y put into graphmatica looks like:

So there should be... 180 bags of Munchies, and 60 bags of Crispios

3.) Then ( mr. max went way past his teaching time.) and we did some more examples of linear programming...

4.)we also learned about the "zone of feasability" which we never really got a definition for ... but if you want to know more, then ask him.

5.) We also learned that an upside down T means perpendicular to.

6.)and... take his poll on his blog called, to wiki or not.. or something like that. you can link to it from

or if that doesn't work, you can link from the SVRSS website or edline

7.) There is also more homework due for tommorrow. the question is on the blog ... and its called... december 7 homework question.


and Jayde can be next...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday Dec.5

Today, in math class Mr. Max said that soon we will be starting a new unit on circles, which means we will also be learning how to use another math program called Euklid ( I think that's how you spell it) ha, he also said for us to take the time to contribute our comments about the whole idea of the Wiki on his blog; about if the Wiki really will be useful in math or not. Today's class we also got more time where we could catch up on accelerated math or on any kind of math homework we might have.

Mr. Max also said that we will be having another unit test soon and another accelerated math test next week sometime.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wiki Feedback

I want to know what you think....more here

The link is to my blog....I'll probably put up some kind of poll as well...RM

Monday, December 04, 2006

post for Dec 4- by marysa

ok so today i was trying to figure out if i was on time but i wasn't sure and i still don't really know. But ya Mr. Max was right behind me anyway so ya i guess it doesn't really matter now.
haha so lets get down to math now.
we just talked about who was doing what type of math problem in the certain obectives for the wiki assignment. he said we'd get used to saying that word after a while but it still sounds weird to me i don't know why but it just still seems annoying to me! haha sorry..
but i'm doing assignment 12 just in case nobody knows that.
so we have to at least start the assignments and then right before Christmas we are expected to have 2 questions done.. poor Alyssa! Props to Mr. Max for figuring out how to do the graphs on the wiki now.. good job! no sarcasm at all!.. so i think that is about all io will say beacause i have to do my wiki assignment yet.. so i hope this helped anyone that neede to know what we did during class while they slept threw it all.. not as if anyone would want to sleep threw math class!! ha

thanks for reading this post, to who ever used their very presious time reading this. bye til next time...

wiki project

hey this is doin objective 20. The kind of question is

Use the graphing calculator to graph the function: y=(x-2)(x-1)(x+1)

it shows a picture of wut the graph looks like and ur supposed to find how many zeros there is

wiki project

I would like to do, objective 37:
A solution of 54% vinegar is to be mixed with a solution of 21%... how many litres of the 54% solution must be used?

and if not available I would also like to do the number of adult/ student tickets sold..