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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22, 2006

Today in math class, we started off with a homework check on questions 1-15 from Exercise 2. Mr. Maksymchuk went over question 15, and here are some important points on Linear Inequalities:
- remember to flip the ">" sign if you divide or multiply by a negative
- use a hollow dot (number line) or dotted line for "<" or ">" signs, and a solid dot for "<" or ">" signs
The rest of the class was a work period... so remember that the Accelerated Math test is on Monday, Nov. 27
Here's a new link to the wiki.

The scribe for Monday will be Stephanie from Pod 2.
Pod 2:
shortay 21

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friday's class November 17


Friday was a test day...if you missed it make sure you get the chance to write it!!
Test was on: Systems of Linear Equations!

As usual, once you finished the test you were to work on accelerated math....heads up -- the accelerated math test that was originally posted for Nov. 24 is now moved to the following Monday due to freshie day!


Wednesday, November 15


On Wednesday, we did a re-test for those people who didn't do as well as they wanted to do on the first test. Those who didn't do the re-test, it was a work class so you could get a chance to do some accelerated math to catch up if you were behind or give you the chance to get ahead.

Make sure that you check out the wiki for any updates and if you haven't made a wiki yet be sure to do so as soon as possible.


the wiki thing

Cindy Lou is doing objective 35 age problems, the Tom and Todd ones where you have to find one of their ages, for the wiki project, i will try anyways since this whole wiki thing doesn't make that much sense to me yet...and for those of you out there who feel that way also, dont give up hope!(see below)......

Not Funny?
my apologies!

Linear Programing in One and Two Dimensions (nov21)

Today was a new day.... we started something new. Mr Max showed us how to graph linear inequalities. Most of it was review, but for everyone who dosen't remember here are some notes that will help you out.
< greater than
<less than/ equal to
> greater than/ equal to

-remember that when you divide a negative you have to change the sign!
- ">" when your making a graph for this sign don't fill in the circle.
-">" when your making a graph for this sign remember to fill in the circle.

Linear Systems Review

Well folks looks like we have another test tomorrow. This stuff is fairly easy and Mr. Max went over it well. Mainly all he did was review and refresh our minds on how to do the linear questions using the elemination, substitution, or the computer methods. Then He went over word problems for those who had problems.

Monday, November 20, 2006


okay so im doing objective 16 since blair took the objective 33


wiki project,,,,,

Ok so i guess i will do the question that says....

marc sold 484 tickets for the school many student tickets and how many adult tickets did marc sell?