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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hey this is becky!

On tuesday (November 14th) we did an accelerated math test for people who were testable on any objectives. If you were not testable, you worked on your accelerated math.

Since I forgot to write this yesterday ill do yesterdays blogging.

On wednesday (November 15th) we had the re-test on Non-Linear Functions. Whoever didn't write the test they just worked on accelerated math.

Sorry for being so late!

We are now in Pod # 3. Someone can volunteer to do the blogging for november 16th. Thanx

Monday, November 13, 2006

TESTS coming soon!!!!

Hey this is Jaimi today in math class (nov.13) Mr. Max's reminded we have test on the following days:
Tuesday Nov. 14- Accelerated math test
Wednesday Nov. 15- Re-test on non-linear functions
Friday Nov. 17- systems test
Also Mr. Max will also give us a review on thursday for the test on friday. The rest of the period was a work period.

Suggestion: Mr. Max gave a suggestion on a program us students can use to make our work look nicer instead of using a word document. The program is called "Math Type 5.2." Here is how to get there go to network software-- math stuff-- math type-- and then click on math type 5.2.

Tomorrow the scribe will be Becky

Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 10th

Hey this is chris and this is wut we did on November 10th. It was basicly a work period exept if you had word problems Mr.Max would help you with them and also we worked on excellerated math. Also their are 3 tests next week in math:
-Excellerated math tests on tuesday
-The Non Linear Function retest is on wendsday
-The Systems test is on friday
O ya i forgot we didn't do any mental math

Todaya scribe is jaimi