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Monday, November 06, 2006


First off, I know some or most people in our class do not even care about this blog or what happens to be said in it. But I do, and I do know there is a few people that perhaps do as well. This blog is a useful tool for us to communicate to one another about math problems that some of us just don't get. Along with the fact that if we missed a class it's an easy way of finding out what went on. So, since the person who was supposed to scribe for last Tuesday did not.., and no one did for any other day.. I'll take the responsibility in updating this blog because I care.
Last Tuesday October 31st /06 (Happy Halloween!)
-On Tuesday we corrected “How Do Playboy Bunnies Get To Work?” the answer was “By Rabbit Transit” haha of course hey? We also did accelerated math, which Mr. Max stated he would not be teaching us the next day, so for anyone who wanted an accelerated math test for tomorrow to write our names on the white board.
Wensday November 1st /06
-We had a substitute teacher today, and the people who wrote they're names on the white board the other day received accelerated math tests. While the rest off the class either worked on accelerated math or something else to keep them busy.
Thursday November 2nd/06
-Today Mr. Max was back in class, so we attempted another mental math quiz which we all received new mental math sheets starting with quiz #20. After that we worked on accelerated math once again. Mr. Max also said for anyone who wanted a test for accelerated math that did not get one yesterday could today!
Friday November 3rd/06
-NO SCHOOL! (Parent Teacher Day)
Monday November 6th/06
-Today once again we had a substitute, all we were asked to do was work on accelerated math. If you are behind in math.., today was a good day to catch up!


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