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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today in math class, we had a work period, so there’s not much to write about; so I thought I would make a review on everything we’ve learned up to this point.

Sept. 8 Quadratic Functions

Using the formula y-k = a (x-h) ², we can calculate:

i) Vertex - (h,k)
ii) Minimum/ Maximum - (depends on direction of opening), = k
iii) Axis of symmetry - x = h

Sept. 12 Quadratic Functions Cont’d
“The Parabola”

Characteristics of a Parabola
opening up or down is determined by the coefficient of the x² term
* a > 0 - opens up
* a <>* a = 0 - not quadratic

y-k = a ( x – h ) ²
‘a’ --- gives the opening
‘x=h’- equation of axis of symmetry
‘h,k’ - ordered pair of vertex

[ - up to and including
( - up to and not including

To sum up this blog, here is an example:

Ex) y = ( x + 2 ) ²
Vertex ------------------------------( -2,0)
Equation of axis of symmetry – x = 2
Domain –--------------------------- (-∞,∞)
Range------------------------------- [ 0, ∞)
X intercepts –---------------------- at -2
Direction of opening-------------- up
Max or Min------------------------- min @ 0

Tomorrow's scribe will be Jayde.

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At 7:33 PM, Blogger Mr_Max said...

Caitlynd...Great Post! I was thrilled when I saw it (oh yeah, that was me in class!!!!) Seriously, though, your formatting, use of colour, great images and some really relevant links make this super!

I have a comment about the wolfram website (refers to the author of some books and the site itself). On one hand, it's great to include such sophisticated references, because some people take the time to learn much more than we have time for in class. However, just to make the rest of us feel better, that site is DEFINITELY geared toward university-level math, so if anyone is wondering a lot about some of the material, stop worrying....great reference, though...

On behalf of your peers in our class, thank you for sharing and making our classroom better. I'm proud of you. (even if it's a little late.... )




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