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Friday, September 22, 2006

Sorry This Is Late, Aimee!!!

In this class we started off with a mental math of ten questions. After that if we needed help with any questions he gave us examples such as:
*Write the equation for a parabola with the given vertex passing throuigh the point, opening down.
y-k=a(x-h)^2 Vertex - (0,1/2) Points - (-5,-149/2)
-149/2 - 1 = a(-5-0)^2 y-k=-3(x-h)^2
-150/2 = 25a y-1/2=-3(x-0)^2
-75/25 = 25/25a y-1/2=-3x^2
-3 = a y=-3x^2+1/2

*Find a & q so that the given points lie on the parabola.
y=a(x-5)^2+q y=a(x-5)^2-5
-5 = q -1=a(3-5)^2-5
-1 = 4a -5
+5 +5
4 = 4a
1 = a
-5 = q 1 = a
As well for Tuesday at 2:30p.m we had a Box Project Due.
Instructions: Based on the following directions and using technology from Thursday's lesson. Create and open-trapped box with the maximum volume. The dimensions are: 24cmx18cm. You can use any materials. Remember Due for Tuesday at the beginning of class!

For the rest of the class we completed and worked on accelerated math or started our box projects.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger Mr_Max said...

Great Job Aimee!!!!

Forgive for leaving it in my inbox for so long. Nice work, it'll definitely help come January when exams are looming...Feel free to edit this post if you'd like, maybe with some other ideas about the 'box project' instructions? Just a suggestion, maybe for later on in the semester? Again, thanks for contributing and making your classroom better....



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