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Monday, September 18, 2006

Laura on Friday...

Today in Math Class (Friday, Sept. 15th), we started by doing some Mental Math. This was Quiz #4 and we mostly practiced using the y – k = a ( x – h )2 formula:
Vertex: (h,k)
Axis of Symmetry: x = h
Domain: always (-∞,∞)
Range: depending on direction of opening, will either be (-∞,k)] OR [(k, ∞)
Opening: depends on a being positive or negative
Minimum/Maximum: depends on opening, = k

After that, we finished correcting Exercise 1, beginning with question 9 – “Jane and her Garden”. Since Excel wasn’t working on the laptops, Mr. Max showed the class how to do the problem using his computer. This problem proved that maximum possible Area can be determined when Perimeter is known, by using the formula A = x ( P – 2x ). Then, by using some type of graphing program (calculator, Graphmatica, etc.), the maximum can be found. Next, we corrected questions 10 and 11. We graphed these functions using the formulas provided in the problems and were then able to answer the questions. Then Mr. Max assigned questions 12 and 13 from Exercise 1, due for Monday’s class.
After this, we went over the Accelerated Math guidelines while Mr. Max handed out everyone’s first Practice. The Practice deals with objectives 1-5, covering mostly Domain and Range, and other function-related stuff. Also, as a change from last year, the Accelerated Math tests have been scheduled for each Friday, and the entire class will write at the same time.
So, to sum things up, homework was questions 12 and 13 from Exercise 1, and your first Accelerated Math Practice, all due for Monday’s class.


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