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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Reel Good Skool Learnin'

So I guess I volunteered to be the scribe for yesterday. Cute. So anyway he taught us some stuff on some stuff. Linear Programming. We learned the turtle rabbit question.

A pet store farmer has turtles and rabbits. He only has room for 100 pets. He can sell the cute little turtles for $10 and the fuzzy little rabbits for $30. He decides that it must be important for him to ear $1500 to make pet farming worth while. Give him financial advice.

Well there a few steps that we apparently are supposed to follow.

1. Create inequalities that represent the situation.
2. Fine "critical values".... the "ooo, happy place"
3. Draw conclusions.

We still need to identity what our variable are going to represent.

Let x= number of turtles to be farmed
Let y= number of rabbits to be farmed

L1: x+y<= 100
you use the <= because it does not say that he needs exactly 100 animals.
L2: 10x+30y>= 1500
once again you used the >= because it does not say he needs to make only $1500.

It you type those into graphmatica we get the critical points of (0,100), (0,50), (75,25).

If we told the farmer to sell 100 rabbits, he could make a profit of $3000. If we told him to sell only 50 rabbits, he could make a profit of $1500. If we told him to sell 75 turtles and 25 rabbits, he would make a profit of $1500.

The obvious conclusion here is to tell the pet farmer to sell 100 rabbits because he will make the most profit. But just because he is so good with words, I will post Mr. Maksymchuk's conclusion.

" :. tell the farmer to dump is turtle operation, farm rabbits exclusively, and retire early."


Those poor old turtles...tear. So thats what we learned yesterday and then we had like 10 minutes or something to work on accelerated math or in mine and Kaitlin's case, chillax until class is over.


Sometime Mr. Maks is planning on have another test before christmas. Who knows if that will really happen but we should all start listening in class in case he decides it.

Also the Wiki is waiting for you. I don't know who has done what but I think if you didn't start yet, you should. I guess we have to do two questions so, get on it.

Well thats about it that I can think of for today so Aarron can scribe for todays exciting lesson.

Ok, later.



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