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Monday, December 04, 2006

post for Dec 4- by marysa

ok so today i was trying to figure out if i was on time but i wasn't sure and i still don't really know. But ya Mr. Max was right behind me anyway so ya i guess it doesn't really matter now.
haha so lets get down to math now.
we just talked about who was doing what type of math problem in the certain obectives for the wiki assignment. he said we'd get used to saying that word after a while but it still sounds weird to me i don't know why but it just still seems annoying to me! haha sorry..
but i'm doing assignment 12 just in case nobody knows that.
so we have to at least start the assignments and then right before Christmas we are expected to have 2 questions done.. poor Alyssa! Props to Mr. Max for figuring out how to do the graphs on the wiki now.. good job! no sarcasm at all!.. so i think that is about all io will say beacause i have to do my wiki assignment yet.. so i hope this helped anyone that neede to know what we did during class while they slept threw it all.. not as if anyone would want to sleep threw math class!! ha

thanks for reading this post, to who ever used their very presious time reading this. bye til next time...


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