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Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7th Post Aaron

1.)we did mental math 25

2.) we reviewed our homework.
A store stocks Muchies and Crispios. The selving can hold 240 bags total. Munchies outsell Crispios 3:1. Profit on Munchies is $1.50 while profit on Crispios is $2.00 per bag.

Let x= number of Munchies
Let y= number of Crispios


A.) x+y<=240 B.) x=3y put into graphmatica looks like:

So there should be... 180 bags of Munchies, and 60 bags of Crispios

3.) Then ( mr. max went way past his teaching time.) and we did some more examples of linear programming...

4.)we also learned about the "zone of feasability" which we never really got a definition for ... but if you want to know more, then ask him.

5.) We also learned that an upside down T means perpendicular to.

6.)and... take his poll on his blog called, to wiki or not.. or something like that. you can link to it from

or if that doesn't work, you can link from the SVRSS website or edline

7.) There is also more homework due for tommorrow. the question is on the blog ... and its called... december 7 homework question.


and Jayde can be next...


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