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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 11th-Intro to Geo

Well we started off the class with NO mental math.. wow was that a relief for some of us.. Mr. Max decided we are going to start learning Geometry(specifically,mostly, circle geometry).. soooo if you were not here and don't know how to use the computer and get the notes here they are for ya! As well as we learnt how to use the program Euklid it was not hard and we will be using it soon i think if you still need to learn how.Oh ya.. and Caitlynd you are tomorrow's scribe. The First slide was of words we msged in on Novell to Mr.Max describing a circle.
Next... He drew a circle with all the lines n stuff and then gave you all the definitions angles and sides.
After that.. He explained a Major Arc and a Minor Arc
And Finally, the type of lines.. It was a long class but we all learnt something..I hope.



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