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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Nov. 30/06

Okay so today we did mental math (number 23), we also heard about Max's big story (He sneezed, heard a squishy noise and fell over). Just to recap the past 2 days...they were both snow days, so if you showed up it was just a work period.


Graphing 2D Inequality (the hard way)(in 2 dimensions)

>How do I graph something like this?
step 1: think of corresponding equation
step 2:solve for y
step 3:find slope and y intercept
m=-2/3 b=+2
step 4:graph corresponding line
step 5:which way to shade--TEST A POINT!(If posible choose orgin as a test point)
REMEMBER: original inequality....2x+3y>6
-- so shade away from the orgin--
step 6:what kind of line (dotted or solid line)
We used a dotter line since it was greater or less than
I tried to put a picture of the graph but it wouldnt load

We decided in class today we are having a accelerated math test tomorrow
*Reminder to get your wiki picked if not done already...DONT put your last name....when doing wiki projects use spellcheck
Thats it for my post for today.....kiersten


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Mr_Max said...

Didn't you like my story?...I lay awake at night thinking of funny things to say in class...


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