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Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30th

hey everybody! Today (october 30th) was a fun filled day in the world of Mr. Maksymchuk's math. First of all we didnt even do any mental math and it kinda threw me off (im still kinda rattled by that actually) but it was because we had a nice full class of learning about systems(basicly your two equations and two variable kinda work) you can use to substitution, reduction or graphing methods for these types of questions its no big deal.
If thats not clear enough you can always check the notes on the network (basicly go to your corsework drive and find Mr. Max' math stuff version 2 and then find your class and the date of the notes that you wish to view) Its no big deal. After we took down some notes and learned the basic how to of it all we got a "How do Playboy Bunnies Get to Work" worksheet (a bit inappropriate for school if you ask me) And that was Mr. Max's super awesome math class for the date of october 30th.

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