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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oct. 3. marysa's blog

We did our last mental math of that page. Not the last mental math ever tho... We get new sheets one day hopefully he'll forget and then we can have a break for a bit!

We corrected "number" E in Exercise 3. We still didn't actually finish that question because we ran out of time... Showed us 3 ways to do things: Spreadsheet, graph, or an equation.

We have a math test on Friday and then we still have to decide when our Accelerated math test is going to be held.


Thanks for reading my blog it's not as good as other people's but i tried and it is wat it is! So i'll end off with a problem you can try .. they call it a joke.. i don't think it is because it was hard to figure it out!! it still is confusing :P

How old were they ?

Two students-mathematicians, having birthdays on the same day, wished each other many happy returns on this day.

One of them said: You’ll have such birthday only in 11 years.
The other answered him: Okay, but you’ll have such birthday only in 96 years.
Both of them were satisfied with each other. How old were they on this day ?

S o l u t i o n.
One of them was 25, and other 24. Because...
25=5^2, the next square is 6^2=36, EX. in 11 years
24= 4 , the next factorial is 5 = 120 EX. in 96 years

ok i have to get a joke so here's one that i found but i dunno if you'll even like it or not but at least you won't have to figure this out!! ha

Q: How does one insult a mathematician?
A: You say: "Your brain is smaller than any >0!"

Well thanks again hope you liked it a lil' !


At 7:21 PM, Blogger Mr_Max said...

Nice work on the post, Marysa...I was wondering about that third link that you posted. When I hit the link, it took me to a set of formulas we haven't seen yet, but maybe you wanted to remind everyone from last year. We'll actually use one or two of them soon. Again, good for you for making your classroom better....



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